Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck Wheels & Tires (Axiaxax31309 and Axiaxa31325) Set of 4! Great Deal!

  • $75.00

  • Axial Yeti Score Trophy Wheels & Tires Set of 4, Original Factory Glued! Fantastic Deal! Best performing tire from Axial.

Set of 4 Brand new wheels & tires, removed from a never run Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck. This is an amazing deal that won't last. Best tires & wheels for your Trophy truck! Original factory a ssembled and glued. Includes 4 each of Axial part # 31309 and 31325. Wheels Feature: This is a pair of Axial Method 105 Short Course Wheels in Black. Mounts to all Yeti, Wraith, AX10 and SCX10 vehicles, Officially licensed Method race wheels Axial Method 105 Short Course Wheels Twelve M2.6x8mm Cap Head Screws, AXIC0023 Mounting Bead: 2.2" (56mm) Outer x 3.0" (76mm) Inner Width: (41mm) Hex Size: 12mm Tires Feature: Ideal for a wide variety of surfaces Fits most 2.2" (51mm) wheels such as those used on the Axial RR10, Yeti, Wraith and AX10 INCLUDES: Four 2.2" BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR2 Tires with Foam Inserts SPECS: Width: 1.89" (48mm) Diameter: 5.43" (138mm) Firmness Compound: White dot R-35, sticky