Dromida Aluminum Center Drive Shaft Blue BX MT SC 4.18

  • $13.00

  • Made by Dromida; Dromida is a United States based company; parts are sourced from Chinese producers
  • Dromida part number C1107; UPC
  • This item works with: 3racing Sakura; Arrma 1:10 ADX-10 2WD Buggy, 1:10 Fury Short Course, 1:10 Granite Monster Truck, 1:10 Mojave Desert Truck, 1:10 Raider 2WD Buggy, 1:10 Vorteks Stadium Truck, 1:8 Kraton, 1:8 Raider XL, 1:8 Senton, 1:8 Talion, 1:8 Typhon; Associated Apex Mini, Apex Touring V-Type, B44.x, Mini MGT 3.0 RTR, MTA4, Monster GT, Monster GT 4.6, ProLite 4x4, Qualifier Mini APEX Touring, Qualifier Mini Rival, RC-10 B4.x, RC-10 original aluminum chassis, RC-10 T4.x, RC-

Dromida brand optional Aluminum Center Drive Shaftfor the Dromida SC, MT and
BX Vehicles. FEATURES: Aluminum construction, blue in colorReplaces stock
plastic center drive shaftYOU WILL RECEIVE: Aluminum Center Drive Shaftjxs