Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus 100 Watt NiMH/LiPo Dual Charger with iD System

  • $99.95

  • Charger recognizes Traxxas iD batteries to automatically program and optimize charger settings
  • 100-Watt output for charging 5-8-cell NiMH batteries and 2S and 3S LiPO batteries
  • Advanced Mode for full manual control of charger settings and integrated balance ports for conventional LiPO batteries
  • Easy to use interface with charge progress indicator, audible alerts, and integrated cooling fan
  • Charges a NiMH and LiPO at the same time with one button LiPO storage charge to protect your battery investment

Simple. Fast. Just plug in a pair of Traxxas iD batteries and press Start.
Traxxas’ exclusive iD technology eliminates complicated charger programming by
automatically configuring and optimizing the charge settings for Traxxas iD
batteries. The EZ-Peak Dual charges two batteries simultaneously at up to 50
watts (4 amps) each, or switch to High-Output mode to charge a single battery
at the maximum 100 watt (8 amp) output. Faster charging means you get to spend
more time behind the wheel. The EZ-Peak Dual puts out a full 100 watts of
power that equates to 8-amps of charging horsepower. It’s a twin turbo-
equipped charger. Traxxas iD LiPOs (4000mAh or higher) charge nearly 2x faster
in High Output Mode. The EZ-Peak Dual isn’t just for iD LiPOs; the Multi-
Chemistry nature of the charger means LiPOs and NiMHs can be charged at the
same time. Advanced Mode opens the door for backwards compatibility. This
allows EZ-Peak Dual to charge any Traxxas Power Cell battery equipped with a
first-generation Traxxas High-Current Connectors and Traxxas iD batteries
independently or simultaneously. There are two balance ports built into the
charger for Traxxas LiPO batteries equipped with external balance leads. Take
full advantage of the 8-amp output and experience the pinnacle of charger
flexibility and power. With iD Auto-Battery Identification there’s no need to
worry about the battery chemistry or capacity. EZ-Peak Dual identifies the
type of battery and its capacity. EZ-Peak Dual also cuts down on wasted time
by eliminating the hassle of programming and using complicated setups. Just
plug an iD battery in and press Start. That’s it! Keeping with the simplicity
and ease of use, the iD system eliminates fragile balance wires and clunky
balance leads. The iD system streamlines the entire charging experience.